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President of the United States of America

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Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

Description Edit

Warren H. Pierce was President of the United States throughout the Omega Strain crisis and the related threat of war against Russia. After his election to office, Pierce reorganized the black box Agency into a new group with the cover as the International Presidential Consulting Agency. Under the plan, its Commander-in-Chief Gabriel Logan would report to the President alone, without oversight from Congress or other government bodies.

Pierce dealt with several foreign leaders while the Agency tracked the Omega Strain around their countries. Several incidents almost led to conflict, which reached a height followed by the detonation of nuclear devices underwater. The Russian government began blaming the United States for supplying the virus to Chechen rebels, and forced Pierce to mobilize the army in response. Although the two sides nearly declared war, Logan succeeded in destroying a nuclear warhead the Chechens had possessed, and SVR agents shut down the organization. Pierce thanked the Agency staff, promising to reward the Agency with an expansion of its operations.

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