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September 1th, 1999

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Gabriel Logan


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Black Baton

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Appears in
  • Syphon Filter
  • Syphon Filter 2 (multiplayer)
  • Syphon Filter 3 (multiplayer)

Markinson: "This is Vladislav Gabrek. Rhoemer's base commander. He is personally in charge of security."

Vladislav Gabrek (sometimes referred to as "Vladimir Gabrek") is a character in Syphon Filter. He is the Commander of Rhoemer's Base, working under Erich Rhoemer's guidance.

Syphon Filter

Gabrek was Rhomer's commander of his hidden base in Syphon Filter, in Rozovka, Kazakhstan. As a part of your mission objective, eliminating him and obtaining his keycard is top priority. Upon discovering him you have three choices: gas him and his two subordinates, follow them and shoot them in rythmic pattern without setting off the alarm, or set off the alarm by killing him and his subordinates individually. Considering the mission requires stealth and activating an alarm would prove troublesome to your progress use a gas grenade to kill Gabrek and his guards, ending his life in a similar and eventual manner to his commander, Rhoemer.

Syphon Filter 2 and Syphon Filter 3

Although not appearing physically or ever mentioned. Gabrek appears as a Multiplayer character.


Vladislav Gabrek, observed in certain records with the first name Vladimir, is a high-ranking officer of the Black Baton terrorist organization. His name suggests nationality in one of the former Soviet states, but information on his identity is minimal.

Erich Rhoemer assigned Gabrek to be the head of security for a Black Baton base converted out of a Soviet facility for stockpiling missiles. Gabrek took to his duties personally and supervised the area's operations in the cold of northern Kazakhstan.

He patrolled the site in the escort of two guards, unaware he was an Agency target during a operation, aimed at destroying the base, conducted by Gabriel Logan. Logan was able to eliminate Gabrek and his security detail, and he took the access key Gabrek carried with him to enter the base's missile bunker.


  • In Syphon Filter 2 and 3, his name is changed to "Vladimir Gabrek".
  • If the player manages to put the base on alert, Gabrek will be in a panicked state once the player reaches his location and will attack the player. However if the player manages to plant the C4 explosive on the fuel tank near Gabrek's encounter location, activate the checkpoint and die near that area, Gabrek will lose his panicked state and will walk casually by the area.
  • If the player wishes to maintain stealth and kill him with a gas grenade, his death foreshadows that of Rhoemer's.
  • In Syphon Filter 3's multiplayer (as voiced, apparently, by JS Gilbert), Gabrek is prone to taunting his enemies:
    • "Don't you run from me!"
    • "I've been waiting a while to kill you."
    • "You call that shooting?"
    • "The time of your death is near."



Gabrek in Rhoemer Base in Rozovka, Kazakhstan.

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