Syphon Filter Wiki: policies

General overview

Certain policies and rules are expected to be followed on the Syphon Filter Wiki by both registered AND anonymous users. Admins will enforce these policies at all times, and individuals who break these rules WILL be suspended or banned. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

As ever, the administration on this wiki strives to keep our policy short and simple.


Anonymous users

Anyone can contribute to this wiki, making this a diversified, (and more importantly, RELIABLE!) source of information available to everyone with internet access. Anonymous users are users who do not have an account on this wiki or who did not sign in. The same rules apply to anonymous users as registered users. They must be aware that even though they are not a registered user, their activites can still be tracked and they can be banned from this wiki if they do not comply to the Syphon Filter Wiki's policies.


Universal rules govern all of the wiki's hosted on the Wikia server, they are available to view here.

Simplified Wikipedia Ruleset

A page of rules based on a simplified ruleset from the world's largest wiki, Wikipedia, is available to view here. All editors are encouraged to read them.

General common sense

The Syphon Filter Wiki staff asks kindly that all users use common sense when dealing with articles and other editors. Be polite and civil; only edit if you've played ALL the games in the series, are sure of the information AND can fully credit it to a reliable source.

All advertisements on this wiki are sold and managed by Wikia, Inc. If the content of these ad's seem abusive and/ or inappropriate in any way, please contact the Wikia staff.


Plagarism is the exact copying of content against copyrights and / or without crediting the original source. This will NOT be tolerated on the Syphon Filter Wiki. Admins and users are expected to be an active part in preventing the spread of plagarism by reporting suspicious content and/or finding and crediting the source(s) of the article information.


1. No flaming or fighting. I'm very, very, VERY serious about this. It's ok to disagree or to argue about something. But no insults or flame wars. This will NOT be tolerated.

3. Abide to basic rules of most forums, NO NSFW material. That means NO porn, violence, sexual material etc. Racism and sexism is also NOT allowed. Be respectful to each other!

4. Have fun! We're all fellow SF fans, after all. So let's make the best of it!

5. You are welcome to SFW if you have played all the games in the series and thus have an encylopaedic knowledge of the games. If you post nothing helpful, simply spam, make fun of somebody, vandalise etc, this will NOT be tolerated. Furthermore, if you intentionally post derogatory, non-applicable, abusive and/or fake material on the talk pages and/or in article contents, under NO circumstances will this be tolerated. Offenders will NOT be given a chance to explain themselves nor will they receive warnings before they are banned. VANDALISM AND DOUCHEBAGGERY WILL RESULT IN A BAN; NO WARNING AHEAD OF TIME. A message on the list of IP block addresses will clearly explain the reason for the ban. Pages will also be protected for the good of the general community at admin's discretions.

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