Gabe Logan: "He's dead..."
Teresa Lipan: "Kress must've been feeding the ZP information about the UN. That's the only way the ZP could've held out for so long."
Gabe Logan: "Yeah. Kress was a Red Section mole working inside the UN. Damn kids never had a chance. The bastard was posing as a medical worker, and I left them alone with him. How did Red Section get someone placed so highly in the UN? How many more young kids like Janzen are going to die before we get some answers? Logan out."

Plot synopsis

Outside the compound in Bosnia, Kress orders for containers to be loaded onto a truck. He radios for Zivmovic, telling him they're done with their operation and assuming the convoy is on its way. As he does so, Gabe sneaks out from a doorway and shoots his ankle with his suppressed Mk. 23 pistol. He then taunts Kress, saying that he will show him 'what happens to traitors'. Kress opens up with his AU300 but Logan is behind cover. He runs off to hide somewhere while commanding for troops to kill Gabe.

With the cutscene over, control transfers to the player. A pair of suited ZP thugs are opposite Gabe, but can quickly be killed by shooting the explosive shell close to them. When they're dead, a few more soldiers will zipline into the courtyard. Gabe kills another wave, before missile launcher-brandishing enemies appear. He drops them as well, and Kress reappears himself. Mocked by Logan, he engages his nemesis, but Gabe ultimately triumphs, avenging Pvt. Janzen. Another cutscene will then play.

Gabe hears a tank approach, and assumes it is a peacekeeper, only for it to fire its main cannon - Logan barely takes cover as it goes off. He realises Zivmovic must have hijacked it, and searches the area for an anti-armour missile launcher. Waiting for the tank to pause, he patiently assaults it, destroying its three panels. He then climbs onto the top and drags out a dead Zivmovic as Teresa radios him, realising Kress probably gave Zivmovic's troops data relating to the United Nations. Logan concurs, saying that Kress was a Red Section mole working in the UN as a medical officer, and asked how the organisation could get somebody inside the UN. He questions how many more young soldiers like Janzen will die before they get answers, and the mission ends.