Sana's, Yemen: Arms Bazaar is the eighth level of Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. Players work with Zohar to sabotage YLA operations and kill Yushchenko to acquire the viral container.


  • "Cobra" (playable)
  • Ehud Ben Zohar
  • Walid Abdul Khorsh (K.I.A.)
  • Fatha al-Hassan (mentioned)
  • Khorsh's thugs (K.I.A.)
  • Anatoliy Yushchenko (K.I.A.)
  • Yushchenko's bodyguards (K.I.A.)
  • Thae-bok Jon (K.I.A.)
  • Ahmed Salim Fadhil (unknown)
  • Amahd Fazeel (K.I.A.)
  • Arms Dealer (K.I.A.)
  • Teresa Lipan (heard)
  • Innocent man (K.I.A.)

Plot synopsis/ Walkthrough

Somewhere in the Taherir Palace, Fatha al-Hassan talks to somebody on a phone, saying that 'the arrangements are made' and 'my men in town are expecting him'. He tell the other person to 'give her my regards' as Khorsh shows up behind him. With a hand gesture for his ally to hold on, he says good-bye to the person on the phone and turns to Khorsh. He tells him 'the Russians are coming', and that Khorsh must 'meet them in the bazaar' so they can go to the palace. However, his ally questions him, saying that he doesn't trust 'the infidels', because he can't understand why his boss deals with them after Afghanistan. Al-Hassan counters him by saying that it is not necessary for Khorsh to trust them, and his reasons are his own. Khorsh decides to carry out his superior's orders.

The scene cuts to a safe house where Zohar lives in Sana's, Yemen. The player is looking for the correct door when Teresa Lipan chimes in to tell him that 'we're going to do this Zohar's way for once, but remember we're only here for the viral container'. Waiting outside a door, the player enters and Zohar mentions that he's been expecting the visitor. He allows one to enter his safe house and introduces himself. He asks for the players' communications devices, for one is working for him. He mentions that it is a dangerous mission, and that the Agency asks much of him but offers little in return. However, he says that by working together, the player and him can accomplish much.

This walkthrough assumes you have the 'neck snap' ability.

When the mission begins, the player is without one's weapons, just like in Belarus 2. Sprint down into the construction site and kick down the unstable pillar to attract guards. This will allow you to access the tunnel system. Grab the VSS and the NVG inside, doing it fast. Switch on your night vision and equip the sniper rifle. You will encounter 3 guards, 2 inside the tunnels and 1 within Fadhil's office. Use your map to help you find it, then kill the men and capture an image of the doctor's files.

Return to the exterior using the tunnels, then wait until the VIP has stopped. Watch his pattern: he will say 'Interesting' two times. When he stops for the second time, snap his neck. Steal the credentials from his corpse and head back to the starting point. From here, turn left and left again to enter a graveyard. Use the VSS to snipe the enemies here and grab their Uzi's if you want to. In the distance is a communications dish. Zoom in and snipe it, then continue to the market.

You will need to displays your credentials upon entering. Wait for a few seconds and a guard will charge in from outside. Snap his neck and carry his body into the alcove left of your position (assuming you are behind him). Khorsh will come to your vicinity and start talking. Break his neck and leave the corpse. Sprint into the arms bazaar and wait until each enemy is separated before killing them.

There are 3 exits to this area, the way you came in from and 2 more deeper into the market. Assuming you are inside the area you came in from, go straight and turn left. Follow this passage into building, and turn on the NVG. You'll eventually see Thae-bok Jon show up. Snap his neck when he stops moving and use your sniper weapon to destroy the door's padlock. Get the credential from his body and move the corpse into the room you opened. Here you will find your weapons selected in the equipment menu.

Exit this room and climb onto the rooftops, advancing until you find a box with sniper ammo. Pocket it and return the way you came from, going back down into the building where you killed the North Korean. Search this place to find a second exit, where you will see 2 guards close to you. One is standing still but the other is actively patrolling. Wait until the moving patrol has exited the building he goes into and then silently enter it. Grab the stash of sniper ammo you see but ignore the radio for now. Position yourself so the guard cannot see you when he comes inside this building, then shoot and kill him as soon as he reappears.

Search this building to find a window where you can climb onto the rooftops. Position yourself so you can see the guard below you. Wait until he goes into a broken wall and then snipe him. Climb slowly down from this vantage point, moving silently so the guard outside cannot hear you. When the patrols are a good distance away, move forward to a junction where you can see a guard's patrol route. When he turns his back, snipe him and move his body to an area where nobody will see it.

Keep moving silently until you get to Khorsh's headquarters entrance, and then hide yourself with whatever cover you can find. Kill the guard when he shows himself at the main doorway and move in. Wait on the first floor and then roll up the stairs when the second floor patrol has turned his back. Kill him before he sees you and search this area a bit. You will find some video tape evidence of Khorsh's atrocities, a gate key and a Desert Sniper pistol. Steal everything and shoot the radio with your silenced sniper weapon.

Go back outside and shoot the guard watching Khorsh's gate. Use the key to open the gate and head left, going into the building you saw the radio in. Now is the time to snipe it, again with your suppressed VSS. Stealth is now complete so you can break out the big guns.

Return to the window where you climbed onto the rooftop. You must now kill all of Khorsh's thugs so check your map for their locations. There are a few snipers as well, and the non-marksmen will sometimes pack Desert handguns so watch out. After killing them, go to the area with Zohar's explosives and collect the Semtex. Kill the guards you see and go back to the arms bazaar, clearing out the patrols ho are still alive. When they are dead, give the explosives to Khorsh and get out your Sarin grenades.

Zohar will plant 2 different explosives, and then Yushchenko's convoy will come charging through the same gate where the Semtex was set. Aim your grenades at the general area of where he will exit the vehicle, and throw them. His bodyguards will spawn as well, so fill the doorway with nerve gas. Zohar is invincible so he won't get killed.

In a bonus movie, it is revealed that Khorsh and al-Hassan kill an innocent civilian during the process of capturing a false confession from the man.