Appearance Edit

The monks in Rhoemer's Stronghold appear to wear a brown robe without a rope around their waist and black shoes in order to avoid causing suspicion from authorities.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

  • PK-102
  • Shotgun
  • .45 Handgun

Flak Jacket

  • Grenade (only in Stronghold Lower Levels)
  • G18

Plot Edit

The Monks are seemingly guarding the stronghold but possibly more specifically the W.H.O. and PharCom shipping containers consisting of the Syphon Filter virus itself. They are also working under the orders of Alec Kabanov and the evil scientists who use the test subjects and injecting them with the new strains of the virus.

Trivia Edit

  • Oddly enough the monks in the last stronghold mission have a different facial appearance whereas around the eyes are darker black and their mouth is a little puckered in while the ones in the first two missions have all the same physical appearance.
  • The monks don't shoot Lian when Gabe is out of sight.

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