The Rescue in Peru was a major confrontation in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, involving Gabe Logan attempting to acquire Addison Hargrove in Iquitos, Peru, where Red Section forces had allied with revolutionary soldiers to raid the area.

The conflict was generally successful for the IPCA, although there were multiple NSA operatives found killed in action throughout a few areas. Despite this, it was the Peruvian Revolutionary War Council that ultimately suffered significant casualties.

While the IPCA was successful in recovering flower samples, Addison Hargrove refused to divulge any critical information regarding the KemSynth projects, and subsequently vaporised. Gabe and his team were left to investigate different leads, only to encounter her later when she asked for his help.


Headquarters flashback

While Alima nears the insertion point at the Amazon River Basin, Gabe wanders about the briefing he was given earlier. Teresa reports KemSynth was working on Project Dark Mirror. The NSA was monitoring the refinery, trying to acquire info on Dark Mirror.

Search for Addison Hargrove

Upon being dropped off, Gabe heads towards the area where Hargrove is, and finds her being held at gunpoint by Black Viper. He takes down the opposition and unties her. Both then make their way to her files.