For the similarly named character, see Red Jack.

Gabe Logan: "Where are you holding Freeman?"
Red Jack: "Is this an interrogation?"

Walkthrough Edit

Unsnap from the wall, and get to the railing in front. Do this quickly since a turret enemy will start assaulting you from downstairs. Fire on the fuel tanker to kill him, then watch for the marksman across the way. Snipe him and then grab the flak jacket on this platform if you need it. Use the RTL to access the opposite side - somebody will attack you on the way there. Kill him and drop down. The second RTL will bring you to another platform. Drop down and wait a few seconds for another enemy. Kick him when he investigates the sound.

Move silently into the room, where two enemies stand around. Use your knife on them, then kick the table over. Interact with the wall switch to restore the power, and hack into the computer.

A pair of goons confront you when the game resumes. Snap to cover against the table and drop them both. Return outside, keeping an eye out for another sniper. Neutralise him, and drop down using the ladder. A horde of guards will attack you, so drop them with the turret. Use short bursts rather than just spraying blindly to keep it from overheating. Once done, go to the maintenance elevator and operate it.

Red Jack will now show up - a poor man's ripoff from Anton Girdeaux. You have a couple of ways to defeat him.

  • Use the turret and aim for his backpack. It's easier said than done, since he keeps blasting flames your way.
  • To make things safer, backtrack to a broken fence and cross the ledge. Drop into an area where you can't get hit and zoom in with the MB-150's scope. When his backpack appears, fire on him.
  • For another method, use a ladder to access the second level and rain death from the RTL.

Whichever way you use, Gabe will send Red Jack flying upon striking his flame pack, and he is incinerated from the inside out. Killing him marks the mission's end point.

Hidden Evidence Edit

1: After using the first RTL, there is a file on top of a crate.

2:At the bottom levels is a partially destroyed fence. Shimmy across the pipe to find a corpse. Initially you can only receive a keycard, but eventually there's also a file.

3: Using the card you acquired from Jack Miller, open a door on the lower levels. Inside will be the next file.

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