Gary Stoneman: "You know that I just returned from a mission to Italy. You also know that I'm retired military. Fought in every war from 'Nam to the Gulf. What you don't know is that I'm retired CIA. Expert, trained hitman. But, I'm getting ahead of myself."

Pescara, Italy: St Cetteo's Square is the fourth level in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. Playing as Gary Stoneman, players investigate the outbreak in Italy and assassinate a mob boss to prevent his family from using bio-weapons for their own business.


  • Gary Stoneman (playable)
  • Dimitri Alexopolous (K.I.A.)
  • Teresa Lipan (seen in cutscene)
  • Tekla Dobranski (mentioned)
  • Alima Haddad (seen in cutscene)

Plot synopsis/ Walkthrough

Stone explains that he just returned from a mission to Italy, and that he's a hardened veteran who fought from every war from Vietnam to the Gulf. However, he also has a secret: he is a retired CIA assassin. Teresa informs him that Dimitri will emerge from his church around 3 PM and likes to wait around, so Stone has 30 seconds to assassinate him. Stone complains that Crusher got lost and thus the former had less time, but Teresa tells him to complain to Crusher about his problems.

When the mission begins, head forward to the tunnel as Stone talks about his background. Sneak when you reach the tunnel entrance and wait for the goons to finish their talking. Begin going into stealth as you sneak across the street and behind the barrels - there is a manhole. Slide down the ladder and head up the crate. Swing left at the intersection and you will come into the sewage pipes.

Assuming you just emerged, look to the right, where there is a wall you can climb over. Silently drop down and snap the guard's neck. Drop to the patio and kill the fellow lurking in the corner. Wait for the alley patrol to turn his back before sneaking into the dead end to set your C4. Double back the way you came from and head to the church.

Two guards will intercept you, so wait patiently for the first to stop at the end of his walking route before you break his neck. The second will have the advantage of elevation - wait out of sight before cracking his vertebrae. Head towards the sniping position - Dimitri will emerge and start talking to a guard about family business, making mention of a few workers being sick; he asks the patrol to accompany him to his villa.

Wait for the bell to strike 3 before dropping a shot into Dimitri's head. At the same moment, your explosives are triggered. Run back up the street towards the wall that leads into the sewers. Be careful to drop slowly otherwise you will be missing much of your HP. Follow the map back to your starting point and the mission is complete.

Back at base, Stone talks about the hits he made in the past and admits he thinks about the souls he took, but the fact that their deaths saved many lives justified their being killed doesn't make it any easier. He says that's fine with him, because he's human.


  • It is possible to go through this level killing only 3 people.