In-Game Description Edit

Often used by Russian Army snipers, this Russian rifle is capable of extreme accuracy. It excels in engaging fleeting, moving, open and masked single targets. This model comes standard equipped with an SVDN2 night sight and silencer. 

Overview Edit

The nighvision rifle are commonly found in the first 3 Syphon Filter games.

Syphon Filter Edit

Syphon Filter 2 Edit

Syphon Filter 3 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only weapon in the whole franchise to be physically equipped with night vision.
    • Much life the crossbow and the sniper rifle, this gun also has its own unique aim mechanic rather than having a regular scope
  • It has the same sound as the sniper rifle in the first game but a different sound in the second and third
    • In the first game, it sounds and rate of fire like the sillenced 9mm handgun, second and third game, it sounds like the Silenced HK-5. And the third game it sounds like a 9mm handgun.
  • The rate of fire however is relatively the same as the sniper rifle in the second and third game as well.
  • It has the second slowest rate of fire in the game. The first being the M-79


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