Mazyr, Belarus: Krivorozhstal Mill is the fifth level of Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. Players work with Stone to figure out the reason that shipments of infected meat turned up in Italy, destined for a mill compound.


  • "Cobra" (playable)
  • Gary Stoneman
  • Alima Haddad (seen in cutscene)
  • Tekla Dobranski
  • Vladimir Zhidkov (K.I.A.)
  • Mikhas Ivankov (mentioned)

Plot synopsis/ Walkthrough

At a mill in Mazyr, Belarus, workers wait to get shipments of infected beef moving when they see a train approaching. However, it is a trap: a voice announces 'Let him come burn his own dead cattle', and red dot sights settle on the civilians as the train doors open. They fall dead; it becomes apparent that the CDP is storming the compound. Zhidkov orders for the mill machines to be set on overload, for the stack explosives to be deployed and for the workers to be killed.

The mill foreman Dobranski is brought before Zhidkov, and the former is told that Ivankov decided not to renew his contract. He asks what is happening, and is ignored: Zhidkov orders his soldiers to bring him back to his office and that his safe be opened. They are authorised to kill the foreman should he not co-operate. Before being taken away, Dobranski calls Ivankov a dog, and curses them all to hell. Seeming not to care, Zhidkov tells his men to kill Dobranski after they have the documents. At the same time, Alima drops the player into the area, and the mission begins.

The cow carcass will disappear in approximately 90 seconds so you need to hustle. As Stone gives a heads-up, clamber the wall and drop down. Prepare your weapons for a battle: this is a huge map, and you can easily get lost. Roll through the fence at the far end and kill the soldiers before the workers can get shot.

Follow the curving train track to a building, and a carriage. Shoot all the armed personnel, and toss a grenade into the train to get rid of the soldier inside.

Kick open the first door you see. Kill all the CDP soldiers, then get the tissue sample and go up towards the mill machine. Switch it off, and escort the worker to the elevator. Shoot the enemies who spawn, and bring the worker downstairs. Head back into the main room.

From the elevator, you will see stairs: approach it and kill any armed people who you see. Follow this passageway to a dark room; go through, shooting all who threaten you. Enter the next huge room and you will see a second mill machine - turn it off. Spin around and kill the soldiers who charge in (if any do), then head to the stacks. Two snipers with night vision goggles wait to ambush you, so use head-shots to decommission them. Climb the ladder to the stacks and grab the blocks of explosives, then get night vision goggles from any snipe's body. From here, you should also kill the soldiers below - you have a good height advantage.

Return to the ladder and slide back down into the second mill machine. Look for a door that opens up to reveal the train tracks - a worker is hiding here. Kill all the enemies and escort the worker back to the elevator, making sure he does not get killed. Bring him down and return to the first mill machine.

Go back outside to the train tracks and run along them to the starting point, making sure you check your map to see where the C4 must be planted. Head towards the stacks' lower position and shoot the enemies - a worker is hiding here. Kill the soldiers and bring him into the elevator. Ride it to the lower level and go back up to the first mill machine.

Return outside and head towards the stacks, but this time follow the train tracks that go into the tunnels. Turn on your night vision to make things easier. If enemies attempt to intercept you, drop them with a volley of bullets. Look for an alcove you can climb into - this is Dobranski's office.

Kill the soldier beating the foreman, then turn your attention to the second. Do not let your guard down, for a third guy will tear in from outside, apparently having heard the gunfire. Reward him with death from your weapons. Dobranski, assuming you kept him alive, will thank you for helping and then opens his safe. Grab the documents (If he was killed, you can use C4 to blow the safe open, but leave the office fast for the explosion will kill you).

Ignore Dobranski, but head outside to the last mill machine. Kill the enemies in here, and shut down the machinery. In a few seconds (or even a few minutes) Zhidkov will attempt to escape with his elites. Worry not (remember the explosives you set earlier on?), but kill as many enemies as you must - eventually Zhidkov's carriage will hit your C4, and he will get killed.

At the ending, Stone explains they have a point of origin for the cattle shipments: Dobranski had shipping invoices from a chateau north of the mill. The copter heads there as the screen fades out.

A bonu video recovered from Dobranski's safe shows that Jandran made a safety tape about handling the virus properly: it killed his lab assistant, who failed to follow the proper safety procedures.


  • A single player, in offline mode, can escort all 7 workers to safety, but will not receive the credit for completing this without teammates.
  • Hitting the workers with non-lethal weaponry somehow counts as actually killing them.