Gabe - "Where's Rhoemer? Where are the other bombs?"

Mara Aramov - "You're too late Logan!" 

Gabe - "We'll see . . ."

Gabe, running through the Main Subway Line.

Main Subway Line is the third level of the first game in the Syphon Filter series. It follows Gabe's escape from the burning portion of the previous level.


You begin at the end of a passage that leads to the main subway line under Georgia Street. Go forward and left to see Mara Aramov and a guard; they are firing at you. If you are lucky, you can kill her within ten seconds of the mission's start; simply aim at her head while she is immobile and fire (there is a train on the right-most track, and she cannot run during this time.) If you do not manage to kill her, you must follow her, avoiding trains coming from both directions. The number and power of guards will also increase as the chase goes on. Therefore, it is advisable to take her out as quickly as possible. Eventually, after pursuing her for long enough, she will run into a small alcave where she can easily be incapacitated with a head shot. However, as the cutscene reveals, she is not dead...

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