Shen Rei: "Wait... Gabriel Logan?"

Gabe Logan: "Shen Rei."

Shen Rei: "Lian told me about you."

Gabe Logan: "What's going on with these?"

Shen Rei: "The charge stations are unstable. I need your help- -"

Gabe Logan: "I have to stop Bitar--"

Shen Rei: "These are heading for a meltdown. If you don't help me remove the devices right now, we all die."

Gabe Logan: "Can't you shut off the power?"

Shen Rei: "No. I'll work from back there in the control room, while you stay here and remove the devices. It's dangerous, but it's the only way."

Gabe Logan: "So I have to reach into a live, unstable power terminal and remove each device?... Let's get started."

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