Jimmy Zhou's Army
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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Bangkok, Thailand: Zhou's Headquarters


Birds of a Feather


Pirates of Somalia


Gabriel Logan


Rescue Lian and eliminate Jimmy Zhou


Han Yen


Zhou security personnel

Han Yen

Jimmy Zhou


M134 chaingun

Mark 23 SD

Desert Express .50

Walkthrough Edit

There might be a significant difficulty spike in this mission especially if you completed 'Birds of a Feather' with pure stealth. It is just a pure shoot-em-up. However, you have lost your MB-150 both in Story and Mission modes (that said, you can select more weapons in the latter). When you play Bangkok Part 1 the first time it will be in Story Mode, and then this level will automatically load (again, still in Story Mode).  There are a few required kill types, which ultimately will be necessary to unlock the KemSynth Tower and Sana Yemen bonus levels.

From your starting point there is one enemy off to your left and one in the doorway in front of you.  Take care of these two, then go through the doorway. There will literally be a non-stop wave coming ultimately from the end of the farthest hall.  Massacre the group in this first hallway, then during the brief break make a run to where the hall turns right.  Resume your killing spree. Watch out, for some carry a .50 handgun although their allies have the Spectre.

The second last enemy carries a chain-gun.  He can mow you down with it, but he's pretty easy to kill. Although he's a little tougher than most enemies, he doesn't have any armor. Just be careful not to get cut down.  Be sure to pick up the key off his body; this key opens the door to Jimmy Zhou's room.  The final "boss" of the level is Jimmy Zhou himself (please tell me you're not surprised).  He's holding Lian at gunpoint and will kill her in three seconds if you don't kill him first.  All you have to do is zoom in and get a headshot.  A gun with a scope will help but isn't absolutely necessary.  There's a .50 sniper pistol in a box right outside his room.

Alternatively, use the taser to stun Lian and then kill Zhou. Be warned, he will fire at you (with a Desert Express, I should add) should you employ this tactic.

Hidden Evidence Edit

  • Check the table inside the room where you begin. 
  • Outside the room where you begin is a vase on the table. Warning: stray shots can destroy this so do this as fast as possible.
  • Search the elevators. 

Trivia Edit

  • Han Yen is a callback to Omega Strain's Tokyo mission, when Iwao Ryusaki carried a similar weapon.

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