Gabe Logan: "Targets?"

Teresa Lipan: "A paramilitary group calling itself Red Section. They've been linked to ops in the past 2 years."

Gabe Logan: "Who is he?"

Teresa Lipan: "According to his profile, he's the foreman of the refinery."

Gabe Logan: "Connections? Why us?"

Teresa Lipan: "His file has a classified section, person of interest to the Pentagon. They want a covert response. No conventional forces."

Lian Xing: "Politics? Washington doesn't want news getting out until they're ready."

Gabe Logan: "They're not telling us everything. Tell them we'll go. But on my terms only."

Plot synopsis (Start of episode) Edit

The screen fades in to show the Kanuti Mountains, Alaska, USA, and the titles are superimposed. A plane is seen flying through the sky, with Alima Haddad at the controls. She reports they are approaching insertion point Alpha and Lian Xing, from her vehicle, confirms this. She tells Gabe there are 3 minutes estimated until they arrive. In a flashback, we learn that the refinery has been lost in contact for 6 hours. Teresa reports she has no idea how long the targets have been present and Gabe asks who exactly they are. He's told they are a paramilitary group called Red Section, and they were linked to a number of missions in the past 2 years. Gabe asks who somebody is and Teresa reports that he's the refinery foreman. Gabe asks why would the IPCA be called in? Teresa tells him there is a classified section - he is a person of interest to the Pentagon and they want a covert response without conventional forces. Lian says that Washington doesn't want news getting out until they're ready. Gabe realises they're withholding information, and will go but only on his terms.

Inside the plane, Lian reports there are 2 minutes until they arrive, and still can't get hold of the refinery. The plane lowers its landing gear. 60 seconds before hitting the ground, Gabe locks and loads his pistol, then says he's ready. Lian tells Alima they're locked down and the plane lands. The vehicle with Gabe and Lian is released

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