A climbing harness. More evidence that Red Section was here in advance. I've found a climbing harness tied to a rope used for scaling cliff sides. They were hidden in an out of way position, probably to be used for an emergency escape. Either that, or it was used to get arms past the metal detector at the boarding stations. Red Section must have known about my meet with Hargrove in advance. - Gabe Logan

Red Section corpse. I've found a Red Section soldier, which in a war zone, would not be a strange thing. The problem with this one, is that I didn't kill him. He was shot in the face with a small caliber pistol. Maybe one of the tourists is packing a hidden weapon? Or one of the Zugspitze Tram security officers got off a shot before they were all killed? I'll give this photo to Agency forensics. - Gabe Logan

Carbon alloy cams and hooks. I discovered a pack full of climbing gear, specifically carbon alloy cams, pins and hooks, the kind military special forces use when scaling rock walls with full gear. They are specially made to withstand extremes of heat and cold, and a single cam will hold the weight of a soldier, fully loaded with weapon and gear. What the hell is it doing here? Has Red Section known about this meet far in advance? I can't think of another explanation. - Gabe Logan