Ming vase. Several Ming vases were stolen from the Beijing National Museum of art. This is one of them. Imagine being so wealthy that you could decorate your hallways with priceless art. Of course, you don't have to be wealthy if you're willing to steal them. - Gabe Logan

Elevator codes. This is how Zhou kept tabs on everyone who entered and exited his buildings. It's probably how he uncovered Lian's identity. When she touched the security console to come up, it immediately sent a message to Zhou's security system, identifying her as an intruder. - Gabe Logan

Incense from Taiwan. We tracked Jimmy Zhou through chemical traces taken from incense residue on one os his shipments. This is an incredibly rare incense, made from a variety of opiates. Only a handful of people in the east have access to it, and Jimmy Zhou is one of the makers biggest clients. - Gabe Logan