A fake passport. We know that Yavlinsky's security chief was named Petr Lopatin, yet inside his dresser, which was booby trapped, I found credit cards, travelers checks, and a passport in the name of Harold Montague. Teresa's ID check confirmds Harold Montague died at birth in Paris over 40 years ago. This is a common way to obtain fake identities: scour death records until you find a baby who was born at the same time you were, but who died in child birth. Obtain a copy of the birth certificate by claiming you lost the original, then use that certificate to get all your other ID. It takes a certain kind of man to exploit the death of a child. - Gabe Logan

Body of an escort. Half buried in the snow is the body of an escort. I've taken a DNA sample. Forensics will determine more later, but from the looks of it, this area is used for short term cold storage before the bodies are moved. Teresa says that local news reports have been following the cases of dozens of missing prostitures over the past few years. We may be able to solve the case of the Kaliningrad serial killer. - Gabe Logan

A stolen painting. When we recovered all of the stolen paintings from Niculescu's collection, the Paris Metro asked us to be on the lookout for this Pieresso painting, which was stolen over ten years ago but which never surfaced on the black market. We had traced its shipment to Niculescu's villa from Meta Global HQ in Switzerland, but it was missing from Niculescu's villa. I suspected that Mara had taken it to her safe house. She must have sold it through her connections in the Russian mafia. Now I know how she continued to fund her lifestyle while in hiding. - Gabe Logan