Leaflet. Written in Arabic, the leaflet dropped over the battlefield was written by a cultural specialist, and was intended to discourage the entrenched al - Jamil soldiers, get them to abandon their posts or risk dying. Cordell would never have allowed this message to be dropped, but since it had been standard procedure since airplanes had first been used, the army didn't bother to tell him. I hate to say that I agree with Cordell, but this 'cultural specialist' didn't understand the al - Jamil warrior mentality. They lived for this day, and would never surrender. All this letter did was give them fair warning that we were coming. - - Gabe Logan

Anti - tank mine. The Desert Scorpions had the element of surprise, numbers, and military superiority. Even if you discount Cordell's ineptitude out of the equation, we should easily have destroyed the al - Jamil defenses. But they had the support of a strong benefactor. For years, the Syrian government has denied accusations they supported or harbored terrorists. The markings on these anti - tankmines are hard proof maybe they aren't so distant from groups like al - Jamil as they would have us believe. - - Gabe Logan

Dog - tag. I've seen a lot of Special Forces die the last two weeks due to Cordell's deception and ineptitude. Desert Scorpions are an elite Army Ranger division, meant to be the 'tip of the spear' in the advance on al - Jamil's hidden bunker. Night time air - drops provide an element of stealth and surprise, but in Cordell's haster, he ordered the paratroopers to jump in broad daylight. Enemy anti - aircraft guns killed this Scorpion before he hit the ground. - - Gabe Logan