Oil pipeline. The pipeline buried in snow was operated by the 'South Caucus Oil Consortium.' Their pipelines crisscross Georgia, Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea. Since 911, oil prices have risen, and so has Russia's economy. Already possessing vast oil resources, hardlines are trying to cement their power status by reclaming oil - rich break away regions. And in these remote mountains, Kudrenko has been given license to do whatever it takes to break the local resistance. - - Gabe Logan

Hatch. Outside the prison, beneath a hollow tree, I discovered a steel hatch. You would never know it existed unless you were searching for it, or crawling around the snow - packed woods like me. The MI6 Intel described how Kuranca citizens have been abducted by Spetsnaz for over ten years. Most vanished forever, but some managed to return home with the assistance of the Azerbaijani Resistance League. - - Gabe Logan

Frozen corpse. The courier's body was located just outside the sewage drain system. He dies trying to break into the prison. I had to drag Maggie kicking and screaming into these pipes in order to save her life, but the courier voluntarily entered them? Why are NIOC Couriers at every location of interest? They always seem to be one step ahead of me. Either I'm on the right track, or they're following my every move. Hypothermia was the obvious cause of death, but Maggie would probably say the smell killed him. - - Gabe Logan