Telegram. The warden had been shot in the back by his own men. He was attempting to escape the wrath Kudrenko would unleash on him after my escape. The cash and telegram in his pocket explained it all. Kudrenko criticized him for having 'porous' prison walls in the past, and that 'losing Logan would be the final straw.' Kudrenko promised not to kill him, but to make him a prisoner here at Gebel Tyorma. - - Gabe Logan

Surveillance recording. MI6 provided Cordell with the photos of Lian. Maggie was already in Azerbaijan when I contacted her. This can't be more coincidence. We've worked several ops in the past. I trust her. But after learning that Lian had a husband she never told me about, I'm prepared for anything. This tape I recovered from the surveillance room details Maggie's own prison interrogation. She was holding up well. My head still hurts from the beating I took, but her 'questioning' began days ago in Kuranca. What hasn't she told me? - - Gabe Logan

Photocopy. Trinidad, the CSS agent, dropped this photocopied letter as she escaped from the interrogation room. The original had been hand - written on a Zhonghua Industries letterhead, and signed by Dr. Shen Rei, Director, Advanced Energy Group, Z.I. It was addressed to, 'Mr. Prime Minister, Hotel Matignon, Paris, France.' The letter never arrived; intercepted by CSS or Zhonghua officials. Most of its contents had been reducted. - - Gabe Logan