Rook. One of Azerbaijan's proudest symbols is a castle called the Maiden Tower. Her name comes from the fact that - - after one thousand years of war - - the tower had never been taken by force. The Spetsnaz commandeered the tallest building in Kuranca: a boarding school library. Converted into a make - shift armory and headquarters, there were grenades, tossed books, tables and broken chess pieces. This rook was still intact despite jackboots stomping on it for days. - - Gabe Logan

Interrogation transcript. According to this log, Maggie withstood two days of brutal interrogation. A long list of separate interrogators had tried, but none managed to break her. When I finally reached the Spetsnaz command post, she was still frustratingly energetic and up - beat for even hardened cold - war era interrogators. Maggie's a pro. That's why we work so well together. - - Gabe Logan

Dossier. SVR dossier for Chinese national, Dr. Shen Rei. SVR agents inside Chinese Secret Service learned that Shen defected and took a top - secret research project with him, seeking amnesty with a western nation. Considered by many to be China's Albert Einstein, his invention promised to revolutionize the energy industry. The dossier concluded with, 'Shen escaped on foot through the Taklamakan desert; an environment so forbidding that even Turkie nomads refer to it as the place of no return.' This is a sign of Dr. Rei's desperation, fear, will or all three. - - Gabe Logan