Al - Jamil letter. My alliance with the Azerbaijani Resistance League developed out of necessity because we share a common enemy; the Spetsnaz. They are strong fighters, and good people. I discovered a letter inside the resistant headquarters from Ghassan Al - Bitar, addressed to Eman Borak. Bitar thanks him for delivering to al - Jamil, 'the Chinese Scientist, and his female companion.' Al - Jamil's sworn goal, to remove all Western influence from the Middle East, was the only thing simple about this situation. - - Gabe Logan

Civilian. The Spetsnaz have slaughtered so many villagers that dead bodies littered the streets and spilled into the canals. A bullet hole in her forehead, this woman was murdered by Spetsnaz months ago. Spetsnaz have been encroaching on the Azerbaijan border, pushing towards the Caspian sea, trying to gain access to its wealth of oil resources. This incursion is only the most recent incident of ethic cleansing and human rights abuses that have raged here for twenty years. - - Gabe Logan

HIdden message. Maggie left a message on the wall of our rendezvous location. She didn't have time to leave many details. Here's what she wrote: 'Gabe, I'm cornered and in trouble. If you find this, get out of Kuranca, quickly. You don't know who you're'... From the looks of the room, she didn't go without a fight. Maggie wasted her time warning me to leave. She knows I'm not going anywhere. Not until I know who I'm dealing with. - - Gabe Logan