Keffiyeh. From the colors on this grunt's keffiyeh, and the customary 898 tattooed on his neck, I've identified that Cordell was right about one thing at least: we are really dealing with al - Jamil. I've fought these guys before. Led by Ghassan al - Bitar, these guys call themselves ' The Beautiful. ' Al - Jamil divides its force into two branches: warriors and elite. Inductees can become one or the other, but until they achieve a certain status within the army, they're cannon fodder. Topside, on deck, I killed a lot of these lower - level grunts. This guy was one of Bitar's trusted inner circle. He's not so pretty now. - - Gabe Logan

Point of impact. The massive, gaping maw of charred and shredded steel was created when a smaller boat, loaded with explosives and piloted by soon - to - be martyrs, skimmed just below radar anc crashed into the bow of the St. Helens. The Navy ship was dead in the water, but met its doom in the aftermath of that diversionary explosion. As the ships crew responded to the emergency, a second wave of attackers boarded the ship and caught them off guard. Still, something doesn't make sense. Why was the St. Helens in these waters, alone without escort? - - Gabe Logan

MRE's. The Warsingala boats were like parasites astride the St. Helens, sucking her cargo holds dry. Just as one boat departed, another shuttled in to take its place and continue looting. The pirates didn't stop with stealing just weapons or military ordinance. They took anything that wasn't bolted down, including uniforms, pots and pans, pillows, even popcorn and beef jerky. One American ship has probably just supplied the Somali economy for a year. - - Gabe Logan