Dog - tag. I expect Cordell to lie or withhold sensitive information from me. He doesn't trust anyone. That's how he is. So I wasn't surprised to find Special Ops already onboard. But I never expected to find an entire Spec. Ops team killed by a group of rag - tag Warsingala pirates. Special Ops has the best training, resources, and intelligence in the world. They're more likely to die from friendly fire, drowning, or helicopter crashes than the enemy's hand. I guess Cordell didn't give them all the facts either. - - Gabe Logan

CIWS debris. On our approach, the St. Helens' defensive systems tried shooting Alima and I out of the sky. I manages to destroy the systems so we could land. It takes a year to train crews how to operate these guns and how to discern between friendly and hostile aircraft. The crew working the radar stations knew who we were, and they chose to fire on us anyway. If it weren't for Aliman's piloting skills, this chunk of debris would have been from our helicopter. - - Gabe Logan

Pirate body. The dead pirate was part of the Warsingala Protectors clan. Part of the first wave of men to board the St. Helens, he was probably one of the first to die. Equipped with a small caliber pistol, he didn't stand much of a chance against the ships crew. But this was a numbers game; a battle of attrition. The Warsingala kept sending men until they eventually overtook the St. Helens crew. This doesn't fit the typical pirate M.O. They attack for money, and money's not good if you're not alive to spend it. - - Gabe Logan