01 - Georgia Street

Markinson - "When will the operation begin?"

Benton - "Our intelligence within the FBI was not clear, but Rhoemer's men are already inside the subway."

Lian - "Is it the same virus?"

Markinson - "Yes, enough to eliminate everyone within a hundred miles or more."

Gabe - "Procedure?"

Benton - "Standard intercept and eliminate . . . These are from our contact inside Interpol. Jenkin's team is already on search and diffuse. You are the trigger."

Lian - "I recognize Anton Girdeaux and Mara Aramov. Who's the other one?"

Benton - "Pavel Kravitch. Rhoemer's communications expert. When you eliminate him you'll also have to destroy his comm uplink. You'll be dropped into the strike zone when the fire fight begins. You'll have an hour to find your targets and take them out."

Georgia Street is the first mission of the Syphon Filter series. The main goal is to end the threat and prevent the city's subway is destroyed by enemies. Gabe Logan begins in a closed street and it ends inside the subway station.


Destroy the computer

The laptop is located inside the bar which has green paint. In the area where the laptop has, the enemy Pavel Kravitch is not hard to kill him. He has a flak jacket with him, but uses a 9mm Pistol. To complete the objective, just pick up any weapon and shoot the laptop. It is recommended you leave this objective as the first of all. Doing this, you can complete it in less than 35 seconds if fast.

Turn on the Power Switch

After completing the objective of the laptop, it is recommended to follow this objective. The trip is to leave the location, go to the the boxes point (contain a enemy in location), jump boxes and down the elevator. The site is half dark and you have to use the flashlight to see something. To complete the objective, just find the Power Switch and press the action button. It is felt that this area, there are no enemies.

Protect CBDC Officers

In this objective, you must leave the bar, returning to the starting point, turn right and go straight to get to the bank. You must protect the CBDC Officers killing enemies who are shooting them and you. As you protect them, they disarm the bomb that was programmed to kill enemies. This process takes at least 1 minute.

Disarm the Subway Bomb

After completing the third objective, you must return to the place where is the bar and down to enter the subway station. At this location, the meters are all the time, one hour left and instantly, the metro is on the opposite side. But the pump is on the left and you should go there disarm it.

The End of Mission

The mission ends when you arrive at another pump that sits in the middle of the two sides, near the entrance / exit door. The film shows Gabe failing to disarm the bomb and the season ends up being destroyed.

Available weapons

1 - Georgia Street Part 1

Locations of boxes on the street


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