The First Destruction of the SS Lorelei was a major confrontation of Syphon Filter 3 in which Gabe Logan and Maggie Powers determined to scuttle the vessel which was carrying significant quantities of the Syphon Filter virus. They were set upon by the security crew, and later, by the Provisional IRA, but were victorious. Nevertheless, Mara Aramov's attempts to recover the sunken shipments of the virus later necessitated a second attempt to destroy the wreckage once and for all.



"I'm almost there. How much time d'I have left to plant these explosives?"

"Not long. My MI6 team's standing by. Recon has trucks being loaded from the south cargo bay. I'm sending Nigel to check 'em out."

"Copy that. Heading into the north cargo hold now."


In the wake of the ship's sinking, Mara Aramov was dispatched to acquire the remaining cargo from the ship. Gabe Logan eventually decided to use a nuclear weapon to permanently vaporise the entire salvage site.