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Edward Benton


Basic Information
Chicago, IL




Personal Status


Date of Death

August 25th, 1999

Killed by

Gabriel Logan


Any weapon


The Agency 1978-1999
Black Baton ???? - 1999


Deputy Director, Agency 1999
Division Chief, Agency 1993-96
Intelligence Analyst, Balkan Region, Agency 1984-92
Intelligence Analyst, South American Region, Agency - 1978-84

Misc. Information
Appears in

Syphon Filter
Syphon Filter 2 (Mentioned)
Syphon Filter 3



Voice actor(s)

Frederick L. Gillette (Syphon Filter)
Unknown (Syphon Filter 3)

Edward Benton is a character in Syphon Filter and appears in flashbacks in Syphon Filter 3. He was the Deputy-Director for The Agency under Director Thomas Markinson. He first met Gabriel Logan during an Agency operation in Kabul, Afghanistan, along with Ellis. It was due to Logan's abilities during this encounter, that he was prompted to recruit him into The Agency. Incidentally, this encounter also (unknowingly to Logan at the time) gave him insight into the true purpose of the Agency.

He is essentially the second faced antagonist of the original Syphon Filter, acting under Erich Rhoemer's orders as a mole in The Agency, for the Black Baton. It was due to his actions that the botched operation in Costa Rica occurred along with Jenkins and his entire team being eliminated in Washington Park.



Benton is a tall, African American male in his late 40's with short black hair and a stern expression. While at Headquarters, Benton is seen in an Agency suit, with a black jacket, tie and dress pants with black dress shoes. He is also depicted in the intro as wearing shades, however during the cutscene in which he's shown in the office with Markinson, Gabe and Lian he is mostly shadowed so it's unknown if he's wearing them then.

At the Pharcom Exhibit, he's shown to be wearing a dress tuxedo with a blue handkerchief in his left pocket and a blue vest wrapped around a white button up shirt that ends in a black bow tie.

His appearance is not seen during Syphon Filter 3.

Early CareerEdit

The following information is taken from Page 23 of the Syphon Filter game manual.

Edward Benton
Deputy Director of the Agency
Sex: Male
Age: 47
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Nationality: American
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black and Grey


Deputy Director, Agency, 1999-Current

Syphon FilterEdit

Benton first appears in the first mission of Syphon Filter where he and Markinson are briefing Lian Xing and Logan on their mission that is to be carried out on Washington D.C, Georgia Street.

After Logan has carried out the mission, dicovered a fake virus bomb and wounded Mara Aramov, he heads down the street communicating with Lian. As soon as he passes Washington Park, Benton contacts Logan informing him that a fellow agent, Jenkins, and his team have been elimintated by the Black Baton. He orders Logan to go in and disarm the viral bombs in their stead. This leads Logan into suspecting that there is a mole in The Agency.

After Logan has carried out this mission and defeats Anton Girdeux in a battle. Logan requests he investigate the man named Jonathan Phagan, Head and CEO of Pharcom a bio-chemicals industry as well as the manufacturer of the Syphon Filter Virus. He is granted secret permission to investigate and attends a gala that Pharcom holds. Logan then follows Phagan into a museum exhibit that has been rented under Pharcom. Inside he spots Phagan talking with Mara and Benton, with Benton demanding the Syphon Filter virus and Phagan begins stalling. Tired with his excuses, Benton orders Mara to interrogate Phagan while he waits in the exhibit.

Logan talks over with Lian and both decide on taking Benton out. Logan blows his cover and kills Benton, taking his weapon and access card key to enable access further into the museum complex.

Logan makes it through the complex, saves Phagan and incapacitates Mara to take her into custody for questioning. As soon as they return to Agency headquarters Logan and Lian report to Markinson that there was a mole who was leaking information, at the top. Markinson then mentions Benton, leaving Logan questioning Markinson on how he knew.

Syphon Filter 2Edit

Although not appearing Physically or mentioned in-game. A reference is made to Benton in the Multiplayer map "Pharcom Expo".

Syphon Filter 3Edit

Although not appearing Physically, Benton is heard ordering Logan on Mission 2 of Syphon Filter 3 in the Costa Rican forest plantation.


Benton can be hard or easy, depending upon the player's method of tackling. Despite having a flak jacket, holding a G-18 and being very accurate, Gabe can kill him without even getting hit.

Instead of having the element of surprise others possess (case in point Pavel Kravitch and Jorge Marcos), he is immediately encountered after a cutscene and checkpoint. While Gabe is facing a wall, Benton is directly in front of him, but just behind the wall. The wrong tactic will be to charge out, absorb a few shots, get to cover, score a headshot and lose a substantial amount of Gabe's HP in this process!

Thus, the best plan here is to use the HK-5 and approach the right side of the wall. Be cautious and don't get too close to the edge (as for Kravitch).

Slip until Gabe's right shoulder is almost an inch from the end. Aim down your sights manually and hold 'strafe-right'. Hopefully, you'll have a view of Benton's left side, but no headshot. Don't just run out and nail his brains! Instead, aim the HK-5 at his leg around the knee-cap area and let loose. A few seconds of leg shots, and Gabe will call Lian to inform her that Benton is dead.


Use the strategy above. There's simply no easier way to do it.

As with most other bosses Benton has a flak jacket, so aim high, and keep your firing controlled.

It's just you against Benton. There are no guards, it's one vs one. If you feel the need to have a nice, dragged-out boss battle, by all means, go ahead. You have all the time in the world... no bodyguards for Benton.

If you do choose to go for the long fight for whatever reason, run and roll to the glass structure against the wall on the right. Then use the peek-a-boo technique on Benton, using whatever cover is possible (walls, glass boxes, etc.)



  • In Syphon Filter 2 a reference to him in a Multiplayer map is made. In the "Pharcom Expo" map in the before battle level brief, it mentions how "Cleaners have tried for weeks to clean Benton's blood off the floor".
  • Benton is the second black character to appear in the Syphon Filter series. The first being Erich Rhoemer and third being Lawrence Mujari.
  • Unlike the other antagonists in the game, he is the only named enemy who does not talk during combat, however, his dialogue during battle are inside the game disk and are unused.
  • Unused Quotes:

"You're just delaying the inevitable!" "You're weren't supposed to be here, Logan!" "Who sent you?" "How'd you find out?" "My secret is going to die with you." "Sorry it had to be you, Logan." "I can't let you live.

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