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British Special Air Service

Dane Bishop Enterprises (as of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow)

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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow


M4 carbine

RD-9 Speargun

Dane Bishop is a protagonist in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow.

Bishop is a mercenary and private contractor formerly trained in the British Special Air Service (SAS) until his dismissal for inappropriate conduct while on assignment. His rebellious attitude and reputation for destroying property to accomplish a task led to the expulsion, and he undertook a solo endeavor by founding his own company, Dane Bishop Enterprises, to assist with marine salvaging and occassionally combat.

Gabriel Logan was forced to contacted Bishop for assistance with an investigation into the sunken U.S.S. Mt. St. Helens due to the experience he possessed with such expeditions. Despite Teresa Lipan's reservations, Bishop accompanied Logan inside the ship in search of courier codes belonging to the National Intelligence Oversight Committee (NIOC), and he was essential in helping to shut down the vessel's reactor.

Suspecting that Bishop desired to relive his old military career, Logan trusted him in confrontations with Spetznaz soldiers under the command of Sergei Kudrenko. Logan and Bishop were able to escape from the Mt. St. Helens and a Russian sub with the information vital to the Agency's mission.


  • He is a womaniser, as evidenced by a bonus mission where he recovers valuables.

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