Congratulations! Party Time! is a hidden movie in Syphon Filter 2. Located on Disc 2, it is unlocked after completing the entire game on Hard Mode.

The ClipEdit

Here is the video, posted by Youtube User puppet23ca:

Syphon Filter 2 Bonus Video 4 Congratulations Party Time00:33

Syphon Filter 2 Bonus Video 4 Congratulations Party Time


The clip is a comical relief to the serious tone in this game, featuring many of the main protagonist and antagonists on the dance floor from Club 32 displaying their dancing skills. The following characters are featured on the dance floor:




  • Thomas Markinson is the only character featured on the Dance Floor who doesn't appear in Syphon Filter 2's storyline, however he is mentioned multiple times. He reprises his character model from Syphon Filter.
  • All of the female characters are shown dancing in a lined formation, similar to a showgirl setup.
  • Dillon Morgan is not present, despite Archer, Stevens and Hadden sharing the floor.

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