The colorado interstate 70 is a main interstate that runs threw the colorado rockies. The C-130 cargo plane was traveling threw the mountains which held data disks about the syphon filter virus. The plane was hit by agency spook commandos, as gabe logan and various GI's were also escorting the disks. Gabe Logan, Jason Chance, John Ramirez, and various GI's had to flee the nearly destroyed plane as they thre supplies down to aid them. After dealing with deadly challenges and obstacles, Gabe and a few GI's including chance make it to the colorado interstate. Jason chance had already made it to the interstate in which he was pinned down by spook commandos and spook enforcers. Upon making to the interstate logan helps chance take down various agent enemies.

Colorado Interstate Bridge

The colorado interstate bridge is the bridge in which various spook agents and the lieutenant plan to destroy the bridge so logan and his forces are pinned down on the other side. The bridge leads to a tunnel that is fairly long and gabe comes across a flame thrower, various enemies, and his GI's being held hostage. To avoid getting the bridge destroyed, logan has to take out the agents on the bridge's rafters silently as if noticed the bride would collapse. Upon taking down the enemies trying to destroy the bridge and the enemies on the bridge logan collects weapons and makes his to the united pacific train 101. Upon making it there a helicpoter seperates logan and his GI's. The fate of the GI's were left unknown for a while into the game.