This is the first level of Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain (ignoring the training course). As a rogue agent of the IPCA, "Cobra", one must battle numerous waves of terrorists who invaded a secure location in Carthage, Michigan, where the local authorities are also fighting them. The player has to protect CHA officers while collecting samples, and then scan them to download the data. Eventually, the player is tasked with entering the subway and neutralising one of a few leaders of the terrorist group, initially known simply as the ALA.

Plot synopsis/ Walkthrough

The game begins its first cutscene with a shot of Niculescu's funds tower in Zurich, Switzerland. Mara Aramov is meeting with Mihai Niculescu. They talk about how the latter misses the former, and touch on the topic of how Ivankov has gone into business for himself. Aramov counters that the man is another Stalin, and says she can do nothing. Niculescu, however, evens the score by reminding her they are alike: they use things until they are worn. Aramov is convinced: she will deal with Ivankov if she can find him.

The scene then cuts to St. Cetteo's Square, in Pescara, Italy. With Mihai giving a voiceover, we learn that a new virus appears rather unstable, but Ivankov does not seem to care. He has somebody making the rounds, selling the virus. They don't know where he's going to next, but they'll know where he's been.

The camera then switches again, to the quarantine zone in Carthage, Michigan. Lawrence Mujari gives a report on how events are becoming complicated, and that the Carthage Health Authority is not co-operating. Mujari is waiting to interview Richard Broussard, the CHA director.

We cut to the IPCA command in Berlin, Germany. Mujari's report continues about how they may all be in grave danger should his suspicions prove correct. Before he can continue, a gunshot rings out behind him, and the screen goes dead. Teresa Lipan announces that this was his final report, and his cell phone went dead four hours ago. Logan takes over, saying that Imani and a team are going to Carthage to locate Mujari; Stone is assigned to the outbreak in Italy; while Lian and Gabe head to Uganda. Lipan reminds everybody to update her if they get information, and Imani tells Stone that he is included. Alima Haddad tells Teresa and Imani that Stone will pipe in, to which he asks 'What?' and Alima replies 'Leave Imani alone.'

Imani asks the player why the latter is standing around, and reminds one to get loaded up with weapons. Gabe gives a final reminder, telling everybody that this threat is growing and they are the only ones who can stop it because they were selected to join the IPCA. In the next cutscene, we see Imani and "Cobra" being dropped off by Alima; the former reminds the player to let her talk. Richard Broussard walks out from a bank, arguing with somebody on his cell phone; and Imani runs towards him, announcing her identity. Broussard counters her by telling her this is a restricted area; Imani asks him whether he's seen 'this man', to which the former replies 'I don't know anything'. At that moment a car bomb explodes, almost killing both; Imani draws her pistol, while Broussard sprints off to safety. Imani asks Teresa to find out what's going on: the entire area is going to hell. "Cobra" is told that Imani will head off to find Broussard, so the player must kill nobody, at least on her watch, and the mission begins proper.

The level begins from the ending of the previous cutscene. Imani is chasing Broussard into the subway, and terrorists begin flooding the inital area. The player must protect the CHA officer and fend off a wave of enemies until one receives the message 'CHA officer saved'. At this point, bio-data gear located opposite the bank must be acquired for the mission to continue. Once back in the initial area, another wave of terrorists swarm the player, but can be ignored. There is a water sample just below the room with the bio-data gear.

The agent is tasked with entering the underground mall, at which point a number of suicide bombers can be seen (they will detonate their explosives if the player goes too close, or kills them). Another water sample waits at a drinking fountain, and when it is collected the agent can return to ground level using another staircase. This location has a couple of CHA officers battling terrorists.

The third water sample is directly in front of the player, however the CHA officers should take priority. When the enemies are down, the player can collect the sample, and turn left to the decontamination tent or turn right to grab a HAZMAT uniform (which protects one from DormaGen and Sarin gas). Going into the tent without the uniform will trigger a CHA officer to fire on the player, but this can easily be countered with smoke grenades or a non lethal KO on the officer. The player has to perform an autopsy on a body inside the tent, before heading outside to the right room.

The next room will have a couple of tunnels which the player can crawl through to reach a third location with a CHA officer and another C4 trigger man. The CHA officer should be neutralised with nonlethal weapons to make things easier; the player can then secure this location until the terrorists are cleared. Another tunnel brings one to a scientific lab with a scanning machine and power generator, which must be turned on for the mission to continue. The player must then insert the samples into the scanner and return to the generator room to fend off enemies for 1 minute, thus allowing the data to be downloaded.

Another tunnel leads one to the next area with the last CHA officer. The car will explode if it takes too much gunfire, so the player is advised to stun the CHA officer. Before proceeding, a fourth water sample is in this location, and when the terrorists are cleared, a vent will bring one to the subway. The last water sample is in here.

The player can kill enemies to find night vision goggles, and is now tasked with crossing the tunnel to neutralise Proust, the terrorist leader in this location. A power switch must be deactivated - this can be done either by shimmying over a pipe, or simply by walking to the upper level. Once the train track is turned off, the player must drop down into the tunnel and run to the other end of the subway station, where a food court can be seen. This is where Proust waits. He proves to be a worthy opponent, so headshots or grenades are very helpful. When he is eliminated, the mission ends.

The ending cutscene shows Imani and "Cobra" inside the subway tunnels; the former will chase Broussard and the latter, Masson's thugs. Hopefully, the terrorists will lead them to the warehouse where Broussard and Mujari are held. Imani reveals to the player that she never trusts any new person she's working with, but she makes an exception this time.

The scene switches to Kiev Ukraine, inside the Chechen terrorist base. Mikhas Ivankov meets with Vladimir Zhidkov, with the latter telling his superior they are prepared. Ivankov is going to Belarus to close the chateau; he tells his subordinate to shut down every operation when he returns. Zhidkov is sent to the Krivorozhstal mill, the last of Niculescu's operations, and is required to bring his best men: for Ivankov tells him there is no stopping this once it goes rampant.

Once Zhidkov leaves, Mikhail Pulikovsky approaches Ivankov and complains that they are giving up a lot of money, but his superior is intending to go through it. The plan was thought through from the beginning. Ivankov asks where is Yushchenko, to which he gets the answer: he has returned from Carthage, is going to Kyrgysztan and then to Yemen. Pulikovsky ends by saying the funds have transferred as planned.

Ivankov asks 'any word of her?' and gets the response: she is locked away at Guantamano, and will never be released. He tells Pulikovsky they will be looking for them, and there is much work to be done before they can be found.

A bonus audio tape reveals that Broussard struck a deal with the ALA to give them a virus, but backed down because many people who came into contact with said virus were killed. However, the terrorists acquired the virus anyway and assaulted the city.


  • It is possible to complete this mission within par time with only the Scorpion and Stun Jack.
  • If the player does not rescue CHA officers by killing enemies until the heading 'CHA officer rescued' appears, the officer will automatically die.
  • If the player fires on the CHA officer with a lethal weapon, the local authorities will return fire.
  • If the player acquires C4 from a building in the starting area, he can get to Proust without having to go through the subway.
  • The jump glitch allows one single person to get Broussard's laptop without requiring a team mate. This can also be done in Belarus 2 (destroying the bridge), Yemen 2 (destroying the Scud missile), Myanmar (collecting the flight black box) and Ukraine (the missile mechanism).
  • This mission shares a few common similarities with Georgia Streets in Syphon Filter: the player must help HAZMAT-suited personnel battle terrorists; the player later enters a subway station; one traverses different areas; a train explodes and derails.
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