Carthage, Michigan: Carthage Mall is the third level of Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. Players fight to rescue the shopping center by diffusing viral bombs and rescuing SWAT personnel; eventually, they must neutralise the head of the ALA, Soren Masson.


  • "Cobra" (playable)
  • Soren Masson (K.I.A.)
  • SWAT officers (player determined)
  • Dr. Elsa (seen in cutscene)
  • Imani Grey (seen in cutscene)
  • Mihai Niculescu (seen in cutscene)
  • Mara Aramov (seen in cutscene)
  • Mikhas Ivankov (mentioned)
  • Teresa Lipan (seen in cutscene)
  • Alima Haddad (seen in cutscene)
  • Lawrence Mujari (mentioned)
  • Gabe Logan (mentioned)
  • Gary Stoneman (mentioned)
  • William Crusher (mentioned)

Plot synopsis/ Walkthrough

SWAT officers gathering outside the Carthage shopping center are alerted by the loss of 4 men, and a team leader insists there is a good sniper somewhere inside. His superior, however, counter-acts these orders; the team leader tells him men are getting massacred. The superior reacts by telling him to use smoke grenades, and orders the leader's team to move in as soon as possible.

Inside the mall, Masson orders his men to prepare the viral explosives, while others accompany him to the third level. Anybody who comes in, he says, will be given a Carthage welcome. Smoke grenades fall through the roof and blind the terrorists, but they don gas masks. Masson brags about the number of rabbits the hawk (ie, him) can kill.

When the mission starts, the player is tasked with locking down the four mall entrances, and diffusing the viral explosives. A tough enemy will confront one from the top floor; it is beneficial for the player to kill him with head-shots. Upon finishing these objectives, Masson will emerge from his hiding position and begin sniping the player. Due to his elevated vantage point, one should use thermal scopes. If these weapons are unavailable to the player, they can be acquired from the snipers roaming the mall. As soon as Masson is killed, the mission ends.

In the ending cutscene, we see that Dr. E is attempting to assure Imani that Mujari is fine; they are at the Langley Air Force Base somewhere in Hampton, Virginia. Imani leaves, the player following her. Teresa makes a comment that Lawrene was lucky, and that Alima's good luck charm must have been the source. The latter replies that it was only superstition, but it worked for her. Imani is assigned to an investigation in Brazil; according to Teresa, she is sent to somewhere in the Amazon. Imani tells Teresa she loves babysitting Agency researchers. Before leaving, the former tells the player that she will write a good report.

The scene switches to Zurich, Switzerland. Niculescu, from his funds tower, contacts Mara and tells her time is running out. Gabe Logan was seen in Uganda asking questions. Aramov seems not to be surprised: the Agency is searching for Ivankov, as are Niculescu and her. Niculescu is impatient: Mara is taking many risks, but the latter is not fazed in the least, in fact, she is supposed to do just that. She reports that Ivankov is in Belarus, and she is meeting him. Before the conversation continues, she cuts the line and says she knows what Niculescu wants, but it isn't always about what he wants.


  • It is possible to rescue the SWAT officers without a teammate.
  • The 'Carthage battle theme' plays during the starting cutscene of this mission, but it cuts off halfway when the camera transits to the mall's interior.
  • As soon as Masson spawns, there are an infinite amount of enemy snipers that also appear on the building's second floor.