Alexander J. "Alex" Birchim is a minor antagonist and corrupt government official in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. He was responsible for being bribed by Mihai Niculescu to prevent him from being investigated by government agenies.

Another area that Birchim was antagonistic was his actions of deterring Logan from investigating Niculescu's activities makes it difficult for Gabe to make any progress, until his orders are defied.

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

Alexander J. Birchim directed the U.S. Government agency White House Internal Affairs during the administration of Warren H. Pierce. Part of the Justice Department, his assignment was to see that personnel operated within the boundaries of the law, but Birchim used his close association with the President to exert authority over the heads of other agencies.

Washington, D.C. was susceptible to influence from powerful figures, and international banker Mihai Niculescu was able to bribe Birchim to be his source inside the government following the death of Secretary of State Vincent Hadden. Birchim orchestrated Mara Aramov's escape from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba following Gabe Logan's second apprehension of the terrorist, and allowed her to return to Niculescu.

Once Gabriel Logan and the Agency began their investigation into the Omega Strain, Niculescu directed Birchim to manipulate the President's actions and cause any Agency operation that attempted to get close to the art collector to be unapproved. Birchim even requested permission to place an emergency elimination order on Logan and threatened to close down the Agency, but Logan defied him and the President. The IPCA uncovered evidence of the bribes in Birchim's bank records. The Department of Homeland Security issued an arrest warrant, placing Birchim in their custody.