French Anarchiste Liberation Army(ALA) is the first enemy organization that appears in Syphon Filter The Omega Strain.

Syphon Filter The Omega StrainEdit

ALA is a terrorist organization which was fighting for the liberation of the island of Martinique. The ALA was being led by Soren Masson Masson went to the US to negotiate the purchase of the Omega Strain virus with Chief of Health of the City of Carthage, Dr. Broussard. Broussard refuses to do deal as Masson had changed the terms of their original agreement. He then kidnaps Broussard and Mujari Lawrence (who was investigating the actions of Broussard), and sends ALA soldiers to the streets of Carthage along with his 3rd in command Andre Proust to controll access to the sewage system in the metro. Proust is located and killed by agents of the IPCA. During this time Masson executes Broussard and leaves Mujari badly injured. Masson informs Jean Fournier of his plan to release the virus right there in the city of Carthage. It is to be released the into the water supply of the city. Masson sends Fournier to a roof of a local theater to try to deal with the IPCA agents. Fournier pins down IPCA officer Imani Gray preventing her rescue of Mujari. With the help of other agents Fournier is eliminated and Lawrence is rescued. Masson takes the virus and several bombs to a local mall and threatens to detonate them. CPD SWAT were no match for ALA and were being massacred. However, IPCA agents were able to infiltrate the mall, neutralise the bombs and execute the DPE order on Masson. The remaining ALA soldiers were arrested or killed by CPD.

 Members :Edit

  • Soren Masson - Primary leader of the ALA, also known as Hawk, Masson was the best sniper the French army ever produce.
  • Jean Fournier - Second in command of the ALA , Fournier as Masson , is one of the best sniper from the former French army .
  • Andre Proust -  Third in command of the ALA , Proust controls the access to the sewage system.
  •  Jane DoeJane along with several soldiers are sent to the streets of Carthage, first Jane is not identified because she had made ​​a plastic surgery to change her appearance.​

And others several soldiers.

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